3 of The Trendiest VR Games To Play With Your Friends

Playing VR games is fun until you realise that it makes you feel isolated, more like cut-off from your family, your friends, and most importantly, your familiar surroundings. While you’re only left with your AI companions and enemies to have ‘fun’ with, things can certainly not remain ‘fun’ for long. Although the experience is exceptionally immersive and, but loneliness is what makes it hard to stick to.

But wait, don’t your yank away you VR headsets in despair just yet! There are several amazing VR games available in the markets that are all about playing with your friends. While some games are supported by the majority of the VR headsets, what makes our list the BEST is the fact that it features games with cross-platform support. So, buckle up fellow VR enthusiasts as we take you on a journey that is not only immersive and realistic but allows you to bring your friends aboard too!

Best VR Games To Play With Your Friends:

It is essential here to understand that the multiplayer lobbies in the VR gaming arena won’t really be busting at the seam that majority of us are used to when considering PC games. However, we are still bound to come across a group of casuals, try-hards, and even die-hards that keep on populating the gaming servers. With that said, described below are some of the most excellent VR games that are great to play with your friends:

1. Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes:

Keep talking and nobody explodes is one of the most excellent multiplayer VR games that are not only for avid gamers, but also suitable for your non-gamer family and friends. This game is all about effective communication and utter teamwork. The theme of the game revolves around one person who is isolated within a VR. The player must disarm the bomb while the rest of the people try to describe the bomb’s circuitry to him. The teammates are required to look out for a solution to disarm the bomb and explain it to the person before the time runs out.

2. Rec Room:

RecRoom is undoubtedly one of the trendiest social VR apps that incorporates a variety of mini-games within a social hangout room. Featuring games like dodge-ball, laser tag, charades, paintball, etc., it also allows the users to make their own social rooms and games. While RecRoom would enable you to make new friends online, the downside to it would make you run into creeps and jerks. But don’t you worry, just tap on the mute and block buttons and get ready to have a fantastic time with your friends.

3. Space Junkies:

Space Junkies is one of the best team shooter game developed by Ubisoft’s Montpellier studio. The game puts you in a zero-g platform to for a fantastic tournament. The game is work of art and the sci-fi arcade-style shooting it features is regarded as too realistic; making it one of the most exquisite and fun teams shooting VR games available in the market!

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