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The VR Party offers three Virtual Reality Party packages to suit your budget and venue, whether its a small party in your living room with your closest friends or your whole class at the local community centre.

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The Battle Royale

Perfect for hosting in your Living Room, 8-14 guests, 1.5 hours. We bring 4 of the latest games consoles with integrated 24 inch Monitor, ready to play Fortnite, Minecraft, Fifa and more with all of your closest friends in the same room. We also bring 4 Oculus Go VR headsets the perfect way to experience VR in a smaller space and a Nintendo Switch. £175 Monday to Thursday, £200 Friday to Sunday.

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The VR Party

If you want our best Multiplayer Virtual Reality Experience, this is the package for you. With 4 of the latest Oculus Quest headsets you and your friends can enter a virtual multiplayer world to do battle and adventure together. We also bring 8 Oculus Go headsets, and 2 tabletop arcade machines.
12-16 Guests. £200 Mon-Thurs. £250 Fri-Sun.

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Ultimate Arcade

This is the big one, make this the party to remember. This VR arcade party includes everything and can entertain a full classroom of friends. With this package you get the multiplayer, free-roaming 4 Oculus Quest virtual reality headsets, 4 integrated monitor games consoles, 2 tabletop arcade machines and the best bit a full virtual reality motion simulator ride!!!
12-24 Guests. £350 Mon-Thurs. £400 Fri-Sun.

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