About Us

The VR aims to offer not only parties but events centered around gaming,
virtual reality and playing together.

The Future of Gaming
At Your Next Party

Virtual Reality is the latest leap in gaming technology, become immersed in another world, adventure with friends, and do the impossible. Instead of being sat behind a screen you can be in the game. We can host an amazing gaming party in your home or venue. For anyone who loves fortnite, minecraft, or virtual reality this is the best party you could hope for.

The Latest VR Games
For You To Enjoy

We have dozens of Virtual Reality Games for you to enjoy at your party or event. From amazing rhythm games like Beatsaber to arcade shooters like SuperHot. You can become a Space Pirate in Space Pirate Trainer or a Fruit Ninja. With games to suit any audience we can tailor your party to whatever games you enjoy.

Full Motion Simulator
Ride Experience

Select our Ultimate VR Arcade Package and we will bring a motion simulator ride to your gaming party or event. With VR you can feel like you are on a roller-coaster, driving a racing car at Silverstone or battling with fighter pilots 30,000 feet in the sky. This is great fun and available in our Ultimate VR Party Package!

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